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Candle Addicts Milestone New Year

Wow! It has been a year of roller coaster ride! Creating Candescent Box has taught me so many values and made me appreciate local talents/crafters more. I have so much respect for them as it is never easy building something from scratch. From the business planning, brand name, scents creations, product awareness, making more and more candles, selling at pop up booths and many other logistics behind the scenes!

I wouldn't have survived this madness idea of mine if didn't had the support of my family. AND I wouldn't have felt so motivated to make this work without the support of my lovely customers, and business vendors/partners who became my friends! THANK YOU! <3

Hope I am not too late....HAPPY NEW YEAR, CANDLE ADDICTS!! Wishing all of you a happy, fruitful, successful year in 2018! 

Much love, Amira

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