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Many of you asked, what can you do with the empty candle jars?

We are happy to share with you our sustainability efforts to recycle > reuse > refill your candle jars!

Here's how you can get your existing jars refilled by Candescent Box!

1. RETURN: Look out for our pop up booth locations. 

2. CONFIRM: Pass your empty jars to our friendly staff at our pop up booths, choose your favourite scent and make payment to confirm. 

3. TURNAROUND TIME: For 5 jars and below, it will be within 3 working days. 6th jars and above, it will be within 7 working days. 



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is there any other return points besides your pop up booths?

- Yes, it will be at our convenience. Reach out to us at to arrange. 


2. Do you accept any candle jars that is NOT purchased from Candescent Box?

- Yes, we do accept and will charge you for refill according to the volume of your jar. 


3. Can I request for the refilled jars to be delivered to me?

- Yes, however you will have to bear your own shipping fees of $5 if you are unable to collect at our pop up booths. 


4. What are your charges for refilling the candles?

- Small: <100g = $10

- Medium: <200g = $20

- Large: <300g = $30

- Extra Large: <500g = $40

- Premium: >500g = $50 nett

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