To ensure best burn for your Candescent Box candle, you should follow the following steps:


For best results and optimal fragrance, please burn your soy candle for at least one hour or till the surface wax is completely melted. This is important so that the candle burns evenly, and does not burn a well down in the middle.


Before you light your candle on subsequent burns, simply snap off any remaining burnt wick and dispose. The candle will burn best with a short wick of around half a centimetre. If the wick is not trimmed, it may produce smoke and burn at a faster rate.


Each candle is lovingly hand poured, and therefore will have a unique appearance! Your candle may produce a little smoke around the top of the candle jar. If this happens, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or wet tissues.

It is important to never leave a burning candle unattended.