Candescent Box is an independent startup primarily selling home fragrances which we design and create locally in Singapore. As aspiring artisans our goal is to create eco friendly but joyful scents to light up your world. 


We started off with experimenting eco friendly scented soy candles in 2016 and have since expanded into creating other environmentally safe products such as reed diffusers & hand sanitisers. We choose to use soy candles as they are made from natural soy which has been proven to last 50% longer, not give out toxic fumes and having no detrimental effects on others compared to the mainstream candle brands. 


Our candles are carefully concocted using the finest ingredients and rigorously tested to give you the best long lasting safe fragrances. No phthalates, parabens, sulphates, additives or animal testing are included in our products. Each of our candles are hand poured in small batches to ensure quality control at every step of our process. 


We pride ourselves in keeping our prices affordable yet maintaining the high quality standards in each or our products. Thus all our products are hand crafted ensuring you enjoy a unique sensational experience.


To further keep in line with being one with nature, we offer refill services from our used glass jars or bring your own little vial and turn it into an aroma of odyssey. All refills are starts from 100g for $10. Simply inquire from us if your personalised bottle is safe and advisable to use for maximum experience.


We hope you have a pleasant experience with our products as much as we enjoyed making them and welcome you to a new world of zen. Our gift to you.

Thank you!