• Ever wonder how you can go about to make your own candles?
  • What types of materials are needed? 
  • How do you start? 

Join us for a therapeutic Candle Making session where you will learn how to make candles from scratch and discover the benefits of Soy Wax!  

Candle making is a new art which many will enjoy. Learn the basics of candle making using enviro friendly soy wax and everyday materials. With the finished product you will enjoy the fruits of labour and the smell of success.

It is definitely going to be a fun-filled activity as the workshop will equip you with the basic foundation of candle making.

The workshop will be conducted by Amira of Candescent Box, who is responsible for making the lovely soy candles!

Candle making is a great hobby to pick up and you will be addicted to make more of your own candles! :)