Zentosa Living Shanti Reed Diffuser - 200ml (Cedarwood)
Zentosa Living Shanti Reed Diffuser - 200ml (Cedarwood)

Zentosa Living Shanti Reed Diffuser - 200ml (Cedarwood)

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Introducing Zentosa Living’s Shanti Series with Beautiful Cedarwood Oil

 Our Shanti Series scent diffusers (6.7oz) are made with the highest quality cedarwood oil, and are designed to blossom within 48 hours, fragrancing your home with an invigorating aroma for up to 4 months! “Shanti” is the Sanskrit word for peace. And with this in mind, we have carefully crafted our Shanti Collection to help you feel grounded and at ease at the end of a long day.

  • Unique Design that Inspires - A graceful addition to any space in your home, our original stylized wooden leaves, combined with our charming circular diffuser bottle are an eye-catching decorative piece. This distinctive design (instead of traditional reeds) is unlike any other reed diffuser set available.

  • Stay Calm and Grounded -  The Cedarwood aroma has a pleasant and calming effect that gently permeates the room, and uplifts your soul, keeping you feeling calm and grounded at the end of a long day. Each scented diffuser is designed to blossom within 48 hours, and last up to 4 months. Simply take a deep inhale and relax.

  • Makes a Great Luxury Gift - Feel like your newfound love is too good not to share? Our scent diffuser comes beautifully packaged in a giftable box as a complete reed diffuser set with accompanying scented sticks and a stylish glass bottle. An ideal luxury gift for yourself or your loved one.


Bring more Zen into your home today!

About Zentosa Living

Zentosa Living is a Melbourne-based wellness brand specialising in Scented Reed Diffusers.

Zentosa is a blend of two words: 'Zen' and 'Santosha' (a Sanskrit word for contentment).

At Zentosa Living we are passionate about beauty and daily self-care. Our lovingly-crafted scented diffusers are designed to add an extra touch style and elegance to your home, while scenting your space with peaceful vibes.

We want to bring a feeling of peace and more love into your home, inspiring moments for you to pause and connect to your heart, while feeling relaxed and at ease.

Take a moment to mindfully inhale the soothing scent and breathe more Zen into your sanctuary one breath at a time.

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