Mini Soy Candle (3oz)
Mini Soy Candle (3oz)
Mini Soy Candle (3oz)
Mini Soy Candle (3oz)
Mini Soy Candle (3oz)
Mini Soy Candle (3oz)
Mini Soy Candle (3oz)
Mini Soy Candle (3oz)
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Mini Soy Candle (3oz)

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Hi All, thank you so much for your support! Due to the overwhelming response, shortage of soy wax and delay in shipping of our raw materials, we have decided to make candles upon receiving your orders. This will be the best solution for us to ensure that you will get your orders fulfilled instead of us making so many candles in bulk and end up in wastage if it’s not sold.

Please take note:

  • For orders received BEFORE Friday 8pm, it will be shipped out either Monday or Tuesday.
  • For orders received AFTER Friday 8pm, it will be shipped out the following Monday or Tuesday.
  • HOWEVER, if you need us to ship out your candles urgently, please leave a note when you cart out your orders. We will try our best to fulfil your orders earlier and let you know if we can’t commit to your orders. Full refund will be provided if we are unable to fulfil your orders. :)


To thank you for your patience with us, we will let you enjoy the current promotion ($12, u.p $19) until the situation gets better. 


Available Scents:

  1. 50 Shades of Grey: Cedar Wood + Bergamot + Mandarin + Lime *
  2. Be Calm: Lemongrass + Green Tea *
  3. Be Mine: Juicy Pear + Freesia + Cedar Wood *
  4. Koala Kiss: Eucalyptus + Lemon + Tea Tree *
  5. Lavande: Lavender Bouquet + Patchouli + Rosemary
  6. Lychee Peony: Peony Petals + Lychee + Jasmine *
  7. Peony Blooms: Peony + Fuji Apple + White Musk
  8. Persian Delight: Lemongrass + Persian Lime
  9. Summer Love: Lime + Basil + Mandarin *
  10. You Are Beautiful: Avocado + Mint
  11. (NEW) Staycation: White Tea + Bergamot + Rose + Musk
  12. (NEW) Green Lush: Peppermint + Eucalyptus
  13. [XMAS] Elf Magic: Oud + Amber + Musk
  14. [XMAS] Winter Wonderland: Pine + Fir Needle + Spearmint + Cedar Wood

     * Our top 5 best sellers.

    Net Weight: 3oz

    Approximate Burning Time: 20 hours

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